Artist Profile - Darrell Labrado

Darrell Labrado started recording music at the age of 11. His first CD single was entitled, “Rhythm of the Rain;” originally sung by the Cascades. The singles B side was the Michael Jackson cover tune, “I’ll Be There”.

This CD was produced by Bradley E. Thayne of
Monkeypod Records of Molokai and was released
in 1996. In 1997, Darrell Labrado met present
manager and songwriter/record producer Bobby
Pileggi. In 1998, Darrell recorded two more songs
which were placed on the Monkeypod compilation
CD, “Molokai Now”. They were entitled, “Where
They Stay,” and “Molokai Heaven”. Both songs were
written by the songwriting team of 100% pure Hawaiian native, Sterling Kalua and former NY disc jockey Bobby Pileggi. In December 1999, Darrell’s first music video, “Where They Stay,” won the “Best Music Video” award at the Hawaiian Music Awards.

It was also aired on the Hawaiian Airlines in flight entertainment program. That year marked the
beginning of success for Darrell Labrado’s career as a young recording artist.

After the success of Darrell’s first project, “Molokai Now,” the producers at Monkeypod, Bradley E. Thayne and Bobby Pileggi felt that Darrell was ready to record for his first full length CD. They called it “Shaka the Moon,” after the Kalua-Pileggi original. He recorded it at the age of 13 and the album was released in September of 1999. “Shaka the Moon” broke all sorts of records in sales statewide and his signature song “Da Kine” was his first big hit. In 2000, Darrell Labrado won the “Best Male
Vocalist” award at the Hawaiian Music Awards and his CD, “Shaka the Moon” won the “Best Children’s Album” at the same ceremony that year. He was also a nominee for “Most Promising Artist” at the politically indulged, “Na Hoku Hanohano” awards ceremony, but did not take home this award for that reason alone.

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In November of 2000, Darrell Labrado released his first Maxi Dance single “Master Blaster” (Jammin’) as a precursor to his January 2001 second album release, “Someday”. “Master Blaster” (Jammin’) got Darrell Labrado national attention and musical recognition when this song debuted on the Dance single charts at #8 and on the Hot 100 single sales charts at 71. He was reviewed in Billboard magazine twice by two of the magazines top music columnists. One review was in Chuck Taylor’s, “New and Noteworthy” column and the other was in Michael Paoletta’s “Beat Box”. Both columnists gave Darrell rave reviews; highlighting musical excellence and potential.

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Darrell’s second CD, “Someday,” showcased Labrado’s artistic development and transition from a boy to a young man. Produced by renown New York record Producer Chris Pati, and Co-produced by Bobby Pileggi for Monkeypod Records , “Someday” contained an eclectic assortment of music ranging from pop to r&b and from country to inspirational. It even caught the attention of record mogul Clive Davis who saw Darrell’s talent, but was second guessed by the economics of investing in a young pop artist.

On May 20, 2003, Darrell Labrado released his second Dance single entitled, “I Want My Island Girl”. This original upbeat catchy feel good tune was written by the songwriting team of Chris Pati and Bobby Pileggi.”. One week later, Darrell Labrado charted on Billboard again. This time he had beat his musical record by debuting at #6 on the dance singles charts and #24 on the Hot 100 singles sales charts. “I Want My Island Girl” is a precursor to his upcoming third CD release, “Caught In The Dream,”. Since then, the name of Darrell Labrado has gained statewide notoriety by representing several youth empowerment and incentive programs such as D.A.R.E., The Amercian Cancer Society, M.A.D.D., the YMCA, Positive Connections and Adult Friends For Youth. As a role model and a teen idol in the state of Hawaii, Darrell Labrado continues to share his music, his positive encouragement and his aloha to all that know his name and listen to his music.

"Presenting Hawaii’s very first DVD/music video single, I Want My Island Girl featuring Darrrell Labrado, Max Effects and the Hawaiian Island Gurls. Filmed on location on Oahu and in Hawaii, this groundbreaking music video truly captures the magic and signature of Aloha only found on the islands of Hawaii Nei. Recording music since he was 11 years old, Hawaii’s #1 teen idol Darrell Labrado showcases his musical ability on this very first of a kind visual presentation. Included on this specially priced DVD single you will also find a bonus CD disc containing six tracks, including two new remixes of the song that have been on the Billboard Top 10 Dance Charts and the Hot 100 Single Sales Charts for over two months.

Just recently back from a two-month promotion in New York, Darrell Labrado showcased his I Want My Island Girl music video for the entire staff of Billboard Magazine at the Billboard Café. Artists who have recently performed at the café include Norah Jones and Jessica Simpson. The reaction from the Billboard staff was overwhelming with compliments; setting a precedent for the video’s success and popularity.

On Tuesday October 21st 2003 statewide and nationwide you can add Hawaii’s very first DVD music video to your collection for just $7.99. Produced and directed by Chris Pati, who recently directed the Michael Damian video Shadows in the Night, and Bobby Pileggi of Monkeypod and AEG records, this team again sets goals to connect the music of Hawaii to the mainland. I Want My Island Girl is by far the best music video from a local artist to come out of Hawaii yet.
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